null Recap - 2018 - What were we up to

null is one of the most active security communities in India. There are multiple chapters spread across the world, we have grown significantly in the recent past and have now an international presence in Amsterdam, Singapore, Dubai and more places joining the horde.

Today we are here to talk about 2018, what was 2018 for null as a community, what we did and what we achieved out of it.

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We are Back with the Blog

null is India’s largest open security community. Registered as a non-profit society in 2010, we have been active since even before that. null is about spreading information security awareness. All our activities such as null Monthly Meets, null Humla, null Bachaav, null Puliya, null Job Portal are for the cause of that.

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Windows Kernel Exploitation Humla by Ashfaq Ansari

This write-up summarizes a workshop/humla conducted by Ashfaq Ansari on the basics of various kinds of attacks available for exploiting the Windows Kernel as of this date. It describes and demonstrates some of the very common techniques to illustrate the impacts of bypassing Kernel security and how the same could be achieved by exploiting specific flaws in kernel mode components. A knowledge of basic buffer overflow exploits through user mode applications is a plus when understanding kernel exploitation and memory issues.

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Winners of nullkaunjayega

Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of #nullkaunjayega – ARE TWO! That’s right, we are giving away TWO FREE VIP passes to NULLCON, Goa. And you thought The Twist was just a dance from the 50’s! So here they are, the winners for #nullkaunjayega (drumroll)

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Honourable Mentions for nullkaunjayega

The results of #nullkaunjayega are out!

Before we announce the winner, here are the honourable mentions. While these entries didn’t win the contest, they gave the winner some much deserved competition. So here they are, in no particular order:

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null Volunteer T-shirts are here!

So, yesterday was a day full of subtle surprises! We received our consignment of null volunteer t-shirts in the evening. These t-shirts will be given to all the awesome null volunteers who have won themselves a free VIP pass for nullcon 2015 for being awesome and volunteering for null activities in 2014.

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Looking back nullcon 2014

Nullcon 2014 happened at an interesting time for me. I had moved back to Bengaluru (from the US) 3 months ago and was trying to understand the Information Security scene in India. After attending a couple of null Meets in Bengaluru, I was excited about the variety of areas folks were working on. One of the volunteers in Bengaluru told me about nullcon and encouraged me to attend. While I had heard of nullcon (my colleague Ksenia had presented in 2013), I did not know much about the conference. After a little bit of research about the conference and looking at the lineup of speakers, I decided to give it a shot. The fact that it was being held at a sea-side resort in Goa, certainly made the decision easier.

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null Security Community described in Numbers

When we started null – The Open Security Community, we didn’t really plan beyond the monthly gathering of infosec peeps and enthusiasts in cities like Pune and Bangalore.

We didn’t ask for registration, take any attendance (beyond a cursory head count) and things were swell.

What we didn’t really think about (atleast I didn’t) was that we would still be doing this with enthusiasm and passion 5 and 1/2 years after we started. It is quite natural to start thinking about the next level after gaining proficiency in doing security related events month after month.

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null hands on Code of Conduct

Hello everyone. This post describes an incident that occurred on the 15th of March at a null Humla session, at Bangalore. This incident is a very good example of why it is important to follow the Code of Conduct during null sessions.

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